Evaluation tools

Security evaluation centers, whether public or private, are a necessary condition to guarantee users’ trust in electronic devices and ensure digital markets’ growth.  However, evaluating electronic devices security is a time-consuming and highly technical task. Attacks are permanently evolving,and the amount of connected devices to be evaluated has skyrocketed. For evaluations laboratories, smooth and reliable evaluations are a key success factor. For designers, detecting weakness before deployment and/or certification phase is crucial to accelerate time-to-market. For all of them, Secure-IC has developed the appropriate tools.

  • Exclusive Feature: Pre-Silicon Evaluation

    VIRTUALYZR is an electronic design automation (EDA) software tool dedicated to pre-silicon security evaluation. The tool is easy to integrate within the design conception flow and allows a security check point at all design levels, namely RTL, Post Synthesis, Place-and-Route and Layout. Moreover, the analysis is end-to-end: from the design source, IP or SoC, to the full security report generation. Security vulnerabilities are extracted from any cryptographic, non-crypographic or functional (bus, memories) implementation.

  • Most Advanced Post-Silicon Evaluation

    ANALYZR is the most advanced post-silicon security evaluation platform on the market. The target to evaluate can be any embedded system, ranging from testing chips as FPGA, ASIC and Micro-controllers to end-user devices such as IoTs, smartphones, smart cards and automotive electronic circuits.

  • Exclusive feature: Embedded Software Evaluation

    CATALYZR is a software tool that provides a full security evaluation of the software layer of any embedded system. This includes operating system (OS) applications, security protocols and cryptographic libraries. The tool allows performing static and dynamic analysis with a direct feedback on the vulnerabilities at the code level. Moreover, it is easy to integrate in an automated software testing framework.