Evaluation tools

Security evaluation centers, whether public or private, are a necessary condition to guarantee users’ trust in electronic devices and ensure digital markets’ growth.  However, evaluating electronic devices security is a time-consuming and highly technical task. Attacks are permanently evolving,and the amount of connected devices to be evaluated has skyrocketed. For evaluations laboratories, smooth and reliable evaluations are a key success factor. For designers, detecting weakness before deployment and/or certification phase is crucial to accelerate time-to-market. For all of them, Secure-IC has developed the appropriate tools.

  • Pre-Silicon Evaluation

    By finely emulating the behavior of a device from its design, it is possible to anticipate the security weaknesses before they become problems.

  • Post-Silicon Evaluation

    System-on-Chip security evaluation consists in assessing by precise metrics the feasibility of state-of-the-art attacks against a device by measuring physical values associated

  • Big Data & Machine Learning

    The most recent scientific results in Data Science are revolutionizing security evaluations. Get the finest results thanks to Big Data techniques !