Do not miss the @SecureIC Secure-IC COO & General Manager, Karine Lorvellec take part in a panel at European Cyber Week on 19th November from 13H30 on the subject of Digital Security, orientations , issue & perspectives. View the program here;

The @SecureIC team will be presenting, Nov 6th from 16:20 -17: 00 on safety and security solutions at the Co-sponsored with SGS Japan Co Ltd, a world leader in third party certification, “SGS / Innotec Co-sponsored Automotive Functional Safety Seminar”

Pre-silicon security evaluation tools can be used before device production, leading to certainty of overall security by design. Learn more by requesting our 11 page White Paper on Pre-Silicon Security Assessment; @HassanTriqui @CharlesThooris @YanTaroC

The @Secure-IC team is set to deliver a presentation at JAPAN SOI SYMPOSIUM on the 30th of October 2019 at 16H10-16H35. @YanTaroC will deliver a speech on AIoT & Embedded Security using FD-SOI.
View the program here:

The @SecureIC team is pleased to share we were present at the recent Defence Industry Days event in Washington.


The @SecureIC team is pleased to share we presented and exhibited in Japan at CYDEF 2019; We presented the French Cyber Excellency cluster jointly with @BCInter. @ExcellenceCyber


The @SecureIC team was proud to be exhibiting at the Design Solution Forum 2019 in Yokohama. @HassanTriqui @CharlesThooris @YanTaroC

The @SecureIC team is exhibiting at Sedex in Seoul. Come and see the team at the IP Pavillion hub.


The @SecureIC team is looking forward to exhibiting at the forthcoming Design Solution Forum event on October 3rd in Yokohama, Japan. You can find us at Booth 11. For more details on the program, see here; @YanTaroC @HassanTriqui

Day two, Govware, 2019, Singapore International Cyber Week. Come and visit the @SecureIC team at booth C19 in the ICCC pavillion. @CharlesThooris @HassanTriqui