Software Evaluation

Exclusive feature: Embedded Software Evaluation

The CATALYZR is a software tool that aims at assessing the security of a Software (SW) implementation.
In fact, the CATALYZR provides an end-to-end workflow that starts by a design input and ends by a security report generation. The design input is a pure software code that can be written in C or Assembly (ASM).

The tool has several advantages such as:

• It allows a security checking at different levels of the Software flow with fast correction:
a) Static Analysis: that allows investigating the security leakages at an early stage before code compilation.
b) Dynamic Analysis: that allows assessing the security leakage at the instruction level when the SW code is executed by the processor.

• It shows an image of the best ever attacker as it allows the analysis in the best environment conditions based on a noise free model. This mode is often called white-box evaluation. Therefore, we bypass the difficulties behind a real analysis like the noise and the desynchronization of the measurements. Moreover, this is significant gain in term of evaluation cost, due to time acquisition and fabrication process cost.