Catalyzr brings the Big Data and Machine Learning Techniques into Embedded Security to accelerate and simplify the Evaluation.

Catalyzr is an All-In-One tool to manage the datasets, locate the leakage and extract information:

  • From the evaluated system
  • From the Side-Channel measurements
  • From the analysis results

Designed as a Data Mining environment, it helps the user extracting the critical information before and after the Side-Channel analysis.




Before the analysis, it can be very difficult to know where the leakages are in the large campaigns of measurements acquired on the target.

Catalyzr guides the analyst toward the leakage thanks to its high-end Leakage Localization modules.

The software can be seen as an exploration drone in the multiple dimensions of the datasets. In a few steps, it is possible to browse, filter and edit your measurements campaigns.

Catalyzr provides a library of advanced processing to Scan and Transform your waveforms: Time/Frequency, Pattern Matching, Machine Learning, Classification, Leakage Metrics. These processing cross the sources of information to reveal points of interest and sort the waveforms.

The tool will output the potential attack paths and location of leakages in the measurements, as well as the reduced datasets with only the relevant parts.

These outputs can then be used to accelerate the classical evaluation with Virtualyzr and Analyzr.



After the analysis, the main difficulties are to interpret the results and to diagnose the configuration problems.

Catlyzr applies the Big Data techniques to the results of the evaluation to provide a better understanding of the results and find the best parameters. It will output high-end results and the optimal parameters for analysis and preprocessing. The user can have a full profiling of the evaluation and correct quickly the configuration of tools such as Virtualyzr and Analyzr.



Catalyzr is highly complementary to other evaluation tools. The Conversion Wizard feature allows integrating any proprietary format as input and output of the platform. In a few steps the user specifies the structure of his format. He can then validate the conversion on a few samples. Finally, the new format is added to the available input and output of Catalyzr.

The processing library can also be extended with Custom Processing feature to support new localization methods. The user only needs to follow the plugin creation procedure.