Does physical security evaluation restricted to experts? No more, Laboryzr provides a ready-to-use Evaluation laboratory including engineer training.


Secure-IC recommends as security expert to gather Design For Security (DFS) approach with Evaluation all along the product life cycle.

Laboryzr allows security evaluation at both at pre-silicon stage and at post-silicon stage. Such evaluation all along the product life cycle is at least unique. Laboryzr does more, it provides also Catalyzr to speed-up evaluation and make evaluation results easy to interpret.


Laboryzr includes 3 tools and Lab’s equipments:

– Virtualyzr tool is the only one tool which allows to evaluate side-channel security during this pre-silicon design stage, from the first source code of IP (Intellectual Property) toward SoC Layout (GDS2) just before going to foundry.

– Analyzr tool does physical security evaluation on real physical chip/board from foundry. It includes all material platforms to perform SCA measurements and FIA injection, then analysis.

– Catalyzr tool emphases Virtualyzr and Analyzr performances. It optimizes acquisition step by detecting leakages and advises tools where to look. And after analysis, Catalyzr pre-interprets results and gives tips as an embedded evaluation expert.


Laboryzr does more again, it deliver a ready-to-use evaluation laboratory with all needed tools and also provides an in-depth engineer training.


Laboryzr gives you the Lab, knowledge and skills on the-shelf!