Technical Support Engineer, Rennes

Secure-IC is an eight year old company, operating the field of the security of embedded systems.
In order to manage the development of its growth, Secure-IC is organizing its IT system in two Directions:
– professional services,
– improvement of internal process.
To reach this goal, Secure-IC structures itself with the creation of an IT entity.
Operationally, this entity belongs to Threat Analysis business line. However, the entity will also have a central role at the corporate level, to manage the company IT ressources and to plan their development.

Key Responsibilities

  • Managing Secure-IC software delivery, which includes:
    • maintenance, including versioning, tracking, bug fixes, etc.
    • packaging
    • remote installation
    • upgrades
  • Managing Secure-IC IT resources, which includes:
    • provisioning, configuration and maintenance (staff desktop and laptop, lab equipment, server for EDA tools, licences, ERP, web services, incl. FTP, HTTPS, etc.)
    •  Planning synchronization between Secure-IC sites (repositories & synchronization, backups, VPNs)
  • Planning, alongside the CTO, the improvement of the company’s infrastructure
    • Rationalization and uniformization of the resources for simplified management
    • Securing for sensitive projects
    • Network architecture
    • Security upgrades
    • Corporate authentication system
    • Recovery plan

Education, Experience & Skills Required

  • Proficient IT skills:
    • Compilation, shell, software engineering on Linux
    • Sysadmin on Linux & Windows
    • Network and security
  • Interpersonal communication skills
    • User-oriented mindset
    • Find solutions
  • Customer-oriented mindset