Digital Sensor


Universal fully-integrated fault attack sensor


  • Monitors for abnormal operating conditions
  • Small digital circuits monitoring behavior, conditions
  • Raises an alarm when situation becomes critical
  • System engineer decides action to perform w/alarm
  • Sensitive to the following
  • Temperature
  • Voltage
  • Clock frequency
  • Laser exposure, EM exposure
  • “Global vs. localized” threats
  • Global: Temperature, voltage, clock frequency (single-sensor)
  • Local: EM or surface-level laser attack (multi-sensor)
  • IP is completely Digital which makes it…
  • Difficult to locate because it is melted in the circuit/logic/standard cells
  • Easier to port to a new technology
  • “True-time” hardware alarm (predictable latency)
Key Features
  • A unique sensor for multiple kind of attacks
  • Fully Digital
  • No calibration after design


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