Attack Surface & Levels of Security Required Per Vertical for AI, IoT & Automotive

Webinar held on October 21st, 2020



Security is becoming very important for many markets such as IoT, Automotive and AI. This security should be defined at the beginning of the projects by using ‘Design for Security’ methodology. The first step of this methodology is to define the attack surface on your system – Only then you can qualify and classify the required security solutions.

During this webinar we give you an overview of this methodology applied on three different market verticals which are: end-device IoT, Automotive and AI.

In conclusion you learn about the attacks applicable on your market vertical, the risks associated for your product/business and the applicable mitigation solutions from the very minimum level of security to

The webinar gives the following key learnings:

  1. What are the attacks applicable on your market vertical?
  2. The risks associated for your product/business
  3. What are the applicable protections in AI, IoT & Automotive applications?
  4. Boot Protection Pack & Securyzr (iSE)

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