Implementing RISC-V Security

Webinar held on October 8th, 2020

By Secure-IC & NSITEXE


Globally with the advent of IoT, systems face numerous attacks coming from the network such as DDoS (Denial of Service) or locally through physical attacks. Such attack can allow to get malicious remote control and therefore put the whole system at risk.

Every single device being a potential entry door to networks, the attack surface is expanding rapidly. All systems, from a single IoT sensor device, to a PC or critical infrastructure systems need to be able to trust their connectivity and access networks in a safe way.

To solve these challenges, Secure-IC and NSITEXE has joined technologies to offer several critical solutions.

This webinar tackles implementing RISC-V Core by NSITEXE cybersecurity enhanced by Secure-IC’s Cyber Escort Unit™ supplying real time detection of 0-day attacks.

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