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We live in a digital world. In 2020, 80 billion devices will be connected and one day soon everything will be. Not only computers but lights, refrigerators, toothbrushs cars, cities... everything ! Therefore, security is becoming the most important asset. Security is no longer an option but a necessity. Security is the obsession of Secure-IC.

Working alongside the top scientists in the field, Secure-IC delivers best-of-breed technologies to assess and fight state-of-the-art attacks, allowing our customers to stay ahead of threats. By establishing long-term relationships with governments, commercial partners and top academia worldwide, Secure-IC quickly became a thought leader in the creation of sustainable embedded technologies that strike the best balance between threat protection and product life-cycle pressures. As a customer driven organization, our commitment is to maximize digital trust with efficient, high performing solutions that provide competitive advantage and reduce time-to-market.

Secure-IC delivers a broad range of IP cores to secure end-to-end embedded systems networks. In civil security, these systems are found in payment terminals, in mobile phones, bank cards, pay TV boxes, passports and biometric identity cards, as well as in communication devices and networks. In Defense, Secure-IC targets the market for the security of sensitive electronic circuits used in communication or data protection applications. Secure-IC also delivers advanced analysis platforms, which makes it possible to test the security of any embedded system as chip card and integrated circuits. Secure-IC also has an engineering and consulting activity, to foster its know-how in hardware design and embedded software.

We partner with our clients throughout and beyond the IC design process to provide best-of-breed cybersecurity expertise, solutions, and technologies, for embedded systems and connected objects. Please contact us, in Paris, Rennes, Singapour or Tokyo to learn more about Secure-IC.

Secure-ICはEnd to End の組み込みサイバーセキュリティソリューションを提供する唯一のプロバイダーです










様々なマーケット(自動車、AIoT、防衛、決済サービス、メモリとストレージ、エッジとクラウド)向けにカスタマイズされたIntegrated Secure Element(iSE)


The Security Science Factory (SSF)






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Cybersecurity is complex and fast-changing. Keep up-to-date with Secure-IC's insights on IoT, embedded systems and connected objects security news and information.

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Secure-ICはEnd to End の組み込みサイバーセキュリティソリューションを提供する唯一のプロバイダーです。
Secure-ICはProtect, Evaluate, Service & Certifyというアプローチによって、ユニークなソリューションをお客様へ提供します。



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"Being a member of b<>com offers us the opportunity to open our horizons, to rub shoulders and co-innovate with people who are experts in their field." Discover the interview of Sylvain Guilley, CTO @SecureIC, a company specializing in #cybersecurity >>

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Join us at the IEEE Information Theory Workshop #ITW2021 on Oct. 17-21. @SGuilley CTO of @SecureIC gives 2 talks on Oct 20 on Linear Programming Bounds on the Kissing Number of q-ary Codes + Conditional α-Information & Side-Channel Analysis

Hier soir, nous inaugurions avec @MVGroup_, @Leocare_Assure et Koala Kids, les nouveaux bureaux de @SecureIC. Merci à MV Group et aux élus pour cette belle soirée. RDV dans quelques mois pour l'inauguration de notre futur siège social qui se construit ici même à #DigitalPark


[WEBINAR] Do you want to know how to protect your #IoT devices from #tampering attacks? @SecureIC will explain what are #physicalattacks and how to protect against them. #cybersecurity
Join us on Oct. 19 at 11:00 AM (CET) or 11:30 AM (EST)

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Hassan Triqui, Président de @SecureIC sur #RadioClassique ce matin avec @FabriceLundy.
"Les acteurs capables d'appréhender ce genre d'attaques malveillantes sur les systèmes embarqués se comptent sur les doigts d'une main"
Replay :
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[Tribune] "#Cybersécurité : #faillehumaine n’est pas inhérente à l’utilisateur" explique @SGuilley Directeur technique de @SecureIC dans @usinenouvelle
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Hassan Triqui de @SecureIC est le lauréat du #PrixBornGlobal de l'édition 2021 du Prix de l’Entrepreneur de l’année de la région Ouest #EOYFR
Un grand merci à @EYFrance pour cette distinction et encore bravo à tous les autres lauréats #EntrepreneursEY


The Security Science Factory


The Security Science Factory (SSF)はSecure-ICが開発するセキュリティイノベーションのエンジンです。 SSFには当社の研究者と専門家が集まるレンヌ、パリ、シンガポール、東京の最先端ラボでセキュリティ技術を開発しています。
SSFでは先端技術研究開発 や先端プロジェクト、ソートリーダーシップ活動を行います。

- 40以上の特許ファミリーと200を超える出版物でセキュリティ技術をリードします
- 研究プロジェクト例:ポスト量子暗号、ハードウェアトロイ検出、ネットワークに接続されたAI等
- 世界各国でレガシーシリーズ(セキュリティフォーラム)を開催
- 科学技術研究と出版活動
- 標準化活動


Secure-ICはPESC(Protect, Evaluate, Service & Certify) というユニークなアプローチによって、お客様のパートナーとなり、お客様のIC設計プロセス期間を通してサポートをご提供します。また、イノベーションと研究活動の成果に基づき、Secure-ICはシリコン実証済み最先端セキュリティIP、それらのIPを統合したIntegrated Secure Element (iSE)、セキュリティ評価プラットフォームを、様々な市場において最高レベルの認証要求を満たすことができるソリューションとしてお客様にご提供します。