AIoT & Edge


Connected objects have invaded our daily lives but the embedding of AI into IoT components is a new trend that has potential to really change the landscape. The goal for the technology, which is sometimes referred to as Artificial Intelligence of Things, is to achieve more efficient IoT operations, improve human-machine interactions, and enhance data management and analytics.

At the Edge,  a vast array of sensors  permit a relatively high level of processing to occur and decisions to be made locally—all without going back to the Cloud allowing for real-time decisions as the latencies associated with Cloud-based decision making go away. In applications like autonomous driving or medical devices, that timing is critical.

With this new level of processing power at the Edge, developers are understanding that machine learning, a subset of AI, is possible at the Edge. Machines can become smarter over time and decision making can be refined to increase accuracy beyond what was possible before without user interaction.

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