Message from the CEO

We like to say that “One day, security will be worth more than the devices”.

The meaning is that going forward, there will be more and more interconnected devices or objects in various market verticals, this is what we call Internet of Things or Internet of Everything. All those objects being interconnected to the cloud, each and every object could be a threat for the whole network. Therefore the security of the objects or the devices is key. Even more, security will become one of the most important assets of the digital world.

Secure-IC was founded in 2010 to bring to the market the best security innovations.

The foundation of Secure-IC is the P.E.S.C. approach. P.E.S.C. stands for Protect, Evaluate, Service and Certify.

This is the unique positioning of Secure-IC, allowing us to support our customers for all security challenges they may face, along the whole design lifecycle.

Leveraging this strategy together with our continuous efforts to innovate through our Security Science Factory, Secure-IC will continue to grow further, as an independant company.

Please look forward to the future of Secure-IC, as we strive forward to new business areas beyond our business frontier as a one-stop-shop for embedded cybersecurity.

President & CEO Hassan TRIQUI