Physically Unclonable Function


Tamperproof secret generation with high entropy and reliability

  • Free-RAM PUF
  • Design with standard cell library
  • Easy transferable to any Design Kit
  • No helper data (depending of the targeted reliability)
  • Aging experiment achieved
  • PUF vs OTP:
  • Secret is extracted from silicium vs Secret is written in silicium
  • Secret stored in OTP can be reversed
  • OTP needs redundancy

Key Features

  • Uniqueness
  • Each device has its own signature
  • Steadiness
  • The PUF response is not sensitive to noise
  • Randomness
  • Good bit entropy
  • Robustness against attacks
  • Physical cloning (always true for a PUF)
  • Mathematical cloning (by modeling)
  • Flexible and Customizable
  • Answer the various tradeoffs
  • Secure-IC PUF
  • Proven performances on all criteria : Uniqueness, Steadiness, Randomness


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