Evaluation as a Service

  • Compliance to any standard certification level,
  • Pre silicon Post silicon Software evaluation by LABORYZR,
  • Software code or real device evaluated (White Box or Black Box against Reverse
    Engineering) and Pre Quotation & tailored Design for Security Recommendations.

SoC Evaluation

To avoid extra costs and delayed time to market, validate your design prior to the certification process, Thanks to our home-made evaluation tools, Secure-IC can provide on-chip characterization of the level of resistance against attacks of our products after integration in clients’ designs.

Embedded Security Evaluation as a Service

Before the design, during the design, and after the design, Secure-IC supplies evaluation as a service for governments, design houses, HW/SW applications developers and end-user technology manufacturers.

The end goal is to help companies be ready and succeed at any level of standard certification.

Within the “evaluation as a service” solution, you can:

  • Check compliance of target evaluation to standard certification levels
  • Test the target evaluation against advanced attacks
  • Review code design and structure
  • Review security design & integration level
  • Select algorithmic and specification level
  • Select appropriate countermeasure
  • Pre-silicon evaluation analysis
  • Software analysis
  • White box/ Black box evaluation