Boot Protection Pack


Highly secured root of trust


  • Security Objectives
  • Ensure the executed code has not been tampered
  • Ensure the executed code comes from a trusted party
  • Ensure the firmware’s confidentiality
  • Ensure updates security
  • Addressed Threats
  • Firmware tampering
  • Invasive probing
  • Side-channel analysis
  • Fault injection analysis
  • Invasive hardware modifications (FIB)
  • Root of trust establishment is required
  • Initial trust in the hardware platform
  • Initial trust in the executed software

Key Features

  • Tunability for consumer requirements:
  • Security
  • Various options: public/private key authentication – SCA – FIA – PUF
  • Area
  • Performance
  • Ensure Secure Firmware Update
  • Security evaluation
  • Before delivery, internal security evaluation
  • Secure-IC’s Virtualyzr tool: Pre-Silicon Security Evaluation tool
  • Check that it is impossible to find all or part of the secret key


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