Smart Monitor – AI for Cybersecurity


Embedded Cyber-security powered by AI


Create collective intelligence between IPs and other whistleblowers

  • Sources of information are diverse, abundant
  • Signals could come from on-chip analog sensors, digital sensors, software reports…
  • from opportunistic media (weak signals) = Indice of Compromission (IoC)

By leveraging diversity and complementary

  • Sensitive to physical vs logical malfunctions
  • Able to detect permanent problems vs transient issues
  • Instantiated multiple times

Key Features

Gain assurance in Threat Detection

  • Additional signals are aggregated for security event detection: multimodal analysis
  • Learning phase to “lock down the perimeter” of attack
  • Confidence & Robustness – Reduce false alarms and false positive event

The right decision at the right time in full knowledge

  • Anatomy of an attack (nature, temporality, locality, intensity, attack phase…)
  • Gain advantage over attackers (attack diagnosis): reverse the advantage
  • Built an on-chip security Headquarter to react properly – Security strategy

Business Intelligence

  • Know your device’s every-day life
  • Attack typology and statistics for ≠ device categories, geographic areas, technology nodes


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