LABORYZR introduces you a ready-to-use complete embedded systems evaluation laboratory with engineering training. Both classes of analysis are covered: Passive (Side-Channel Analysis-SCA) and Active (Fault Injection Analysis-FIA).

Is physical security evaluation restricted to experts?

Not anymore, LABORYZR provides a complete Evaluation Laboratory encompassing knowledge and skills transfer.


As a security expert, Secure-IC recommends to combine Design for Security (DFS) approach with Security Evaluation throughout the whole product life cycle.

LABORYZR allows a security evaluation at both layers of an embedded system: the IC and the Software layers respectively. Virtualyzr is in charge of the pre-silicon stage which targets the design source itself. Analyzr allows a post-silicon evaluation based on a real chip or device. LABORYZR does more: it also provides Catalyzr which is dedicated to the evaluation of any software implementation.



LABORYZR includes 3 tools:

  • Analyzr tool does physical security evaluation on real physical chip/board. It includes all material platforms to perform SCA measurements and FIA injection, then analysis.
  • Catalyzr tool offers support to the LABORYZR solution with software evaluation reporting options.
  • Virtualyzr tool is the only one tool which allows to evaluate side-channel security during this pre-silicon design stage, from the first source code of IP (Intellectual Property) toward SoC Layout (GDS2) just before going to foundry.



LABORYZR provides you with the laboratory, knowledge and skills!