Anti Row-Hammer



The Anti Row-Hammer IP takes part in Memory Controller in order to protect the Memory against Rowhammer Attacks, especially on RAM. This IP is able to determine if the number of access requests to a Memory Row is abusive, which induces a tentative of Rowhammer attack. Thanks to the integration of Rowhammer IP in the Memory Controller, the attack is mitigated by forcing the refresh of the Memory content.



  • Detection:
    • Anti Row-Hammer IP analyses the access to the different Rows of memory to determine if the usage is common or if the accesses behavior reflects an attack
    • Hash computation of the addresses to reduce histograms size without reducing detection capabilities
    • No latency in the detection
  • Prevention:
    • Anti Row-Hammer IP can prevent such an attack by embedding a scramble module. This module aims to unpredictably regenerate the address defined by the RAM controller. That way, the attacker cannot target the neighbor row of the sensitive data under attack
    • Scramble option induces 1-cycle latency in the read/write operation, data transferred in or from memory are buffered
    • Burst feature of read/write access is disable in case of scrambling option
  • Can be tuned to ensure zero latency
  • Anti-Rowhammer IP can be interfaced with any kind of RAM controller
  • Easy to integrate into the system


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