Tunable Cryptography

GET THE SECURITY & PERFORMANCE YOU NEEDSecure-IC Security IP Tunable Cryptography


Secure-IC offers a broad range of cryptography technologies with a tri-dimensional trade-off of speed versus area versus security to cover customers’ needs, from symmetric cryptography to asymmetric cryptography and hash functions.

They are designed to strike the ideal balance between the level of security you are attempting to achieve, and overhead.



  • Tunability for consumer requirements
    • Security (different levels, SCA, FIA)
    • Modes
    • Area
    • Power consumption
    • Throughput
  • Security evaluation
    • Before delivery, internal security evaluation
    • Secure-IC’s Virtualyzr tool: Pre-Silicon Security Evaluation tool
    • Check if that it is impossible to find all or part of the secret key
  • Above state-of-the-art embedded countermeasures


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