Service & Certify

To help our clients benefit from our products, Secure-IC experts accompany them through various kinds of services.


Support to Certification


All our technological security solutions come with a set of services and support. Starting with the customer request and discussions about the security requirements, we first deliver the related IPs specifications and then the IP cores themselves. And before the chip manufacturing stage, we provide a support to integration and after the chip manufacturing step we can also provide a support to certification.

Secure-IC supports its clients during the certification process by providing help to answer laboratories’ questions and providing the evaluation laboratories with all the required details on its technologies.

Thanks to its analysis tools (Virtualyzr and Analyzr), Secure-IC can also deliver security robustness pre-evaluation reports.


To meet your needs, Secure-IC’s support to certification offer is composed but not limited to:
• Bi-annual state-of-the-art synthesis of attacks/countermeasures and new trends.
• Independent audit of published attack and practical feasibility report.
• Certification scheme requirement review
• Design Review – Strength and weakness analysis.
• Pre-Quotation & tailored Design for Security Recommendations.

Security Consulting

At the early stage of a project, Secure-IC offers trainings on Security Certification and good practices to build a secure architecture.

During the specification stage, we accompany our clients in the definition of their technological needs according to the desired security level and in the construction of a security architecture fitting them.

During our clients SoC design phase, Secure-IC can also achieve system level review to highlight potential weaknesses in implementation and propose guidance and countermeasures to enhance the security.

Product Integration / Installation

To accelerate integration, we make all of our clients benefit from our expertise in the deployment of our technologies. Support can be brought remotely but we are also capable to send our engineers at our customers’ premises.

SoC Evaluation

To avoid extra costs and delayed time to market, validate your design prior to the certification process, Thanks to our home-made Evaluation tools, Secure-IC can provide on-chip characterization of the level of resistance against attacks of our products after integration in clients’ designs.

Security Updates

Because threats are constantly evolving, Secure-IC keeps long-term relations with all its clients to maintain the highest level of threat protection and awareness.