Smart Units

Smart Units have been designed to answer customers’s common needs. These sub-systems are ready and easy-to-use solutions that can be customized to match specific requirements.

Boot Protection

How to guarantee that the system will boot in a secure environment?
Boot protection provides a secure root-of-trust with a high level of resistance against malevolent attacks. It ensures integrity of the SoC security features and guarantees that the firmware is genuine. Optionally, it ensures the firmware’s confidentiality.
This feature is designed to thwart the following threats: counterfeiting, fault injection, side-channel analysis, probing & chip modifications. All the verifications are performed in a hardened boot sequence which cannot be circumvented.

Key Protection

Hiding a cryptographic key in electronic devices is necessary to guarantee fundamental security features, such as device authentication or firmware encryption. Secure-IC Key Protection is a highly secure key storage solution relying on our PUF-based Strong Secret Storage technology and resilient Key Wrap (Tunable Crypto Key Technology).

Data Protection

Storing data securely in a non-volatile memory requires not only encryption of data-at-rest, but also secure access to the memory, protection of data-in-transit. To guarantee fast and full protection of stored data, Secure-IC has combined its resilient cryptographic technologies (AES or other cipher-based), bus protection, efficient DMA. Customisable according to performance/security/space requirements, it will fit any design.

Communication Protection

How to establish a secure link between two entities that need to exchange sensitive data?
A mandatory step is to identify the interlocutor.
This feature includes all the necessary secure elements (cryptographic modules embedding countermeasures, random number generator, secure Test Access Port, in order to achieve the authentication of the user to communicate with.

Content Protection

How to extend the security of your asset when your contents are on the clear ?

Secure-IC Content Protection provides technologies to detect, track and identify pirates and enforce your rights. The feature is available for integration on ASIC and FPGA (Hardware IP) and server (Software lib). It provides Digital Cinema class quality for 4K HDR solution, robust to camcording and low bitrate attacks.