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We live in a digital world. In 2020, 80 billion devices will be connected and one day soon everything will be. Not only computers but lights, refrigerators, toothbrushs cars, cities... everything ! Therefore, security is becoming the most important asset. Security is no longer an option but a necessity. Security is the obsession of Secure-IC.

Working alongside the top scientists in the field, Secure-IC delivers best-of-breed technologies to assess and fight state-of-the-art attacks, allowing our customers to stay ahead of threats. By establishing long-term relationships with governments, commercial partners and top academia worldwide, Secure-IC quickly became a thought leader in the creation of sustainable embedded technologies that strike the best balance between threat protection and product life-cycle pressures. As a customer driven organization, our commitment is to maximize digital trust with efficient, high performing solutions that provide competitive advantage and reduce time-to-market.

Secure-IC delivers a broad range of IP cores to secure end-to-end embedded systems networks. In civil security, these systems are found in payment terminals, in mobile phones, bank cards, pay TV boxes, passports and biometric identity cards, as well as in communication devices and networks. In Defense, Secure-IC targets the market for the security of sensitive electronic circuits used in communication or data protection applications. Secure-IC also delivers advanced analysis platforms, which makes it possible to test the security of any embedded system as chip card and integrated circuits. Secure-IC also has an engineering and consulting activity, to foster its know-how in hardware design and embedded software.

We partner with our clients throughout and beyond the IC design process to provide best-of-breed cybersecurity expertise, solutions, and technologies, for embedded systems and connected objects. Please contact us, in Paris, Rennes, Singapour or Tokyo to learn more about Secure-IC.


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Secure-IC has developed security solutions for any electronic embedded system and connected object to protect them against attacks and guarantee at each stage of the design process that the optimal security level is reached.

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Think Ahead

Secure-IC is known as a thought leader in physical and cyber security. In order to offer its clients best-of-breed technologies and above state-of-the-art protections, Secure-IC is highly committed in its research community to analyze upcoming threats, explore innovative solutions, and support the work of standardization bodies. Our research activities benefit our partners through trainings or closer collaborations on specific topics.

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Secure-IC is a spin-off from Télécom ParisTech University, one of the most advanced institutes in embedded security research. Sylvain Guilley, Jean-Luc Danger and Laurent Sauvage, Paris Tech researchers and inventors of more than 50 families of patents on embedded security founded Secure-IC jointly with Hassan Triqui and Philippe Nguyen in January 2010.

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