Embedded-SEC event organized by L’Embarqué, major French media specialized on Embedded systems news, is a conference which focuses on security technologies that are implemented in connected embedded systems.

The 3rd edition of Embedded-SEC conference, which will take place on March, 25th, 2021, both physically in Paris (*) and remotely, will focus on delivering current and future technology insights on the security of embedded systems and IoT devices, and on the overall ecosystem needed to achieve end-to-end security, from sensors to the cloud.

Three themes will be covered during this day, organized around the three levels of security to be implemented in the context of an application based on connected intelligent embedded equipment:

  • Technologies for securing hardware platforms (security subsystems, secure elements, trust roots, etc.)
  • The security of the lower software layers (operating systems, firmware, secure runtime environments, etc.)
  • Securing communication links and software at the application level.

Yan-Tarō CLOCHARD, Corporate Marketing Director and Sales Director for the Northern Asia region will give a talk on 13:30 (CET).on “Security from chip to edge to cloud”

Many connected objects and embedded systems are designed to operate for many years. This requires manufacturers and service providers to maintain the security of these objects and systems throughout their lifecycle.

What are the options available to component and device manufacturers, as well as service providers, to maintain the security of their devices against ever more advanced cyber-attacks? How can they manage developments throughout the device lifecycle? How can they ensure the protection of communications and data between devices and also via hosted cloud services? And even revoke access if necessary?

Secure-IC will provide concrete use cases to illustrate some of these challenges and some solutions to the challenges outlined above.


More information and registration online on the event website