Everything you need to know about integrated Secure Elements

Webinar held on September 15, 2021


This webinar will help you understand why every connected device needs security and why cybersecurity is required at every level, down to the silicon.

  • Silicon needs protection
    We will present and explain the risks of not having security implemented at the silicon level.
  • Silicon needs evaluation
    We will present the different security measures and standards that are being implemented and how we can evaluate them.
  • Implementing secure applications
    An in-depth comparison will help you understand what are the different types of attacks and the current needs that exist in various industries, as well as the differentiators that exist in terms of technologies, security certifications and integration standards.

This webinar will also highlight different use-cases of integrated Secure Elements that secretly work for you and ensure the protection of your assets.

If you have missed our webinar, you can request access to the replay thanks to the form below.