To be held in Paris and virtually

This workshop aims to bring together the French research community in fault analysis on security systems, to consolidate this know-how and to promote more global research. Our community is very advanced on the world level, and works on various aspects:

  • Fault injection attacks, and fault models,
  • Simulation and formal methods to evaluate the robustness of a system to a fault injection attack, and to understand the impact of faults,
  • Security proof,
  • Design of hardware or software countermeasures,
  • Tool-based application of countermeasures,
  • Etc.

The context of secure embedded systems is evolving rapidly, and it is important to consider the evolution of attacks as well as systems. We are now witnessing a paradigm shift from closed systems, such as the smart card, to open systems that embed secure enclaves (e.g. Trusted Execution Environments). In addition, attacks exploiting fault injections are becoming more complex, with, for example, the possibility of performing multiple injections or combining them with side-channel observations.

Sylvain Guilley, CTO of Secure-IC is part of the organizing committee of these days.

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