Legacy Series Rennes

Legacy Series Rennes – The Embedded Cybersecurity Forum, by Secure-IC

You can view the Secure-IC event details on the European Cyber Week website here

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This Legacy Series Rennes will bring together the best minds and thought leaders in embedded cybersecurity solutions, standards and practices

The Series will challenge topics such as Post Quantum (RISQ), Hardware Trojan, Automotive and will also demonstrate some of Secure-IC’s tools for security protection. There will also be at least 2 guest speakers from the industry.

Turning France into a significant international player in the post-quantum transition.

The RISQ project applies to every field of technology employing cryptographic methods. Cryptography is the cornerstone for securing data and digital exchanges.

The RISQ project foresees French stakeholders, through a regrouping of their best competencies, taking part in the elaboration of standards, developing the necessary technology and intellectual property in advance, evaluating and setting up migration processes, to make the French industry reactive to this technological change.