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Edge & Cloud

Cloud services have been the go-to option for consumers and businesses for many years, mainly due to the ease of access it offers. On the other hand, there have been frequent and recent security and privacy breaches on cloud storage. Leaving many people without answer about the relevance of utilizing cloud storage is the only solution.

Introducing on-device Edge processing. It allows data to be processed and inferred directly on the device, it does not need to leave the device to work. As a result, there is no need for massive amounts of data to be constantly sent and stored on servers. Rather than reporting back to the cloud, edge devices will be able to talk to each other in a private network; enabling seamless, secure and private use.

Having the whole system on the edge reduces the times the device has to access the cloud for information, this implies the system needs protecting at each different edge nodes and that each node has the capacity to ensure security operations. Moreover, having all the information stored in one place makes it more susceptible to attacks, spreading information across the edge reduces that risk.

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  • FIPS140-2/3
  • Common Criteria


  • PSA
  • SOG-IS
  • GP TEE