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Consultation report – Expertyzr: Security reports from the Security Science Factory by Secure-IC

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Secure-IC offers you the opportunity to get access to its line of State-of-the-art reports, redacted by its Security Experts, daily involved in Research, Development and Consulting activities, with real hands-on knowledge of the covered subjects. The reports contain thorough analysis and essential information that will help readers build up-to-date knowledge of the covered subject, and enable them to make informed decisions pertaining to hardware security.

These reports are regularly updated to take into account the latest advances in the covered subjects.

Secure-IC can also provide custom-made reports on request, as well as on-site or remote workshops, training sessions and presentations.

If you previously already ordered a version of any of the listed reports in the past and would be interested in an update, please contact our company to discuss.

Here are Secure-IC’s available reports – (custom reports available on request)

State-of-the-art on recent powerful attacks
“This report provides the ten most prominent attacks on embedded systems in terms of operational impact, which were published recently. “

State-of-the-art on Hardware Trojans
“This document provides an overview of the security issues related to Hardware Trojans. The scope of this study is: Extensive view of Hardware Trojans threat, status in research, countermeasure implementation trends.”

State-of-the-art on attacks relevant to automotive systems
“We present the different state-of-the-art approaches tackling system safety, system cyber-security and in a broader sense system security. We review and explain similarities and discrepancies between them. We also present innovative methodologies which aim at combining in symbiosis security and safety during the whole design flow, and list some detailed attack scenarios.”

State-of-the-art of countermeasures in automotive
“This deliverable guides the reader into the wealth of protection options which exist today.”

State-of-the-art of security evaluation and validation techniques for automotive
“In this document, we will explore practical tests that are performed during the validation phase (bottom to top-right in the V-diagram of design development). We also detail few tests and evaluations which help increase the assurance in the sufficiency and the correctness of the protection functions.”

State-of-the-art on cyberattacks and software and hardware countermeasures
“This report presents cyberattacks and lists a number of hardware and software countermeasures, proposed for major microprocessor architectures, either implemented by the industry and currently in use, or proposed in academic literature by academic research group.”

State-of-the-art  Post Quantum Cryptography The next generation of crptography is here.  In fact, with the coming soon of quantum computers,modern cryptographic algorithms are threatened. Actually, those computers allow simplifying the computation of complex mathematical problems supposed to be robust for the time being. For this reason, the need for new resistant algorithms becomes clear and even mandatory. For this purpose, the NIST is about to select the next candidates. This consultation report will provide you with everything you need to learn about post-quantum cryptography (PQC) such as the taxonomy of algorithms, their implementation, analysis, and the state-of-play of NIST competition.


About Secure-IC

Secure-IC is a world-leading provider of embedded cybersecurity solutions, headquartered in Rennes, France with offices in Paris, Singapore, Japan, US and China.

Secure-IC recently achieved ten years in business of growth and progression, during which time the company has expanded globally. With presence in 20 countries across 5 continents, backed by almost 40 families of international patents, more than 200 scientific papers, Secure-IC has established a thought leadership position in the cyber security world for embedded systems.

We provide best in class protection technologies, integrated Secure Elements, with security evaluation tools for certification readiness and security assurance as well as consulting expertise and security assessment services. We protect companies against cyber-physical attacks and guarantee at each stage of the design process that the absolute optimal security level is reached.

Secure-IC’s solutions are delivered to the best technology companies worldwide with solutions used in millions of products such as smartphones, laptops and computers, automotive chipsets, smart meters, passports, etc.


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