The Security Science Factory


Secure-IC SSF Sylvain Guilley

Sylvain Guilley, co-founder and CTO

Embedded cybersecurity is an ever-changing domain: new threats are discovered all the time. As a result, protections must be updated as quickly as possible, creating a competition between attackers and designers. In this context, it is paramount to sustain an active research and development activity. That is why, we have created the Security Science Factory (SSF).


Secure-IC The Security Science FactoryThe Security Science Factory (SSF) is Secure-IC’s engine to generate security innovations. The SSF gathers our researchers and experts to advance security technologies, in our state-of-the-art laboratories in Rennes, Paris, Singapore and Tokyo.

SSF includes our advanced R&D and projects, as well as our Thought Leadership activities.

The SSF is at the origin of best-of-breed security solutions. The SSF anticipates hacker’s attacks that are increasingly inventive, generates new solutions, publishes scientific papers, shares its knowledge, helps to set major security standards.

The SSF is a powerful innovation machine that we put at your service. Whether you are in Tokyo, Singapore, Rennes, Paris, you will be very much welcomed to visit our laboratories.