Digital True Random Number Generator


Random number generation is a keystone in security.

Secure-IC offers both True Random Number Generator (TRNG) resilient to harmoni c injection for statistically independent sets of bits generation and Deterministic Random Bit Generator (DRBG) for high bitrates requirements.These random generators are compliant with commonly used  statistical tests suites.

Secure-IC offers TRNG compliant with SP 800-90C.

  • TRNG
  • 2 types of entropy source
  • Based on metastability
  • Based on ring oscillator
  • Full digital entropy source
  • Fast: Raw output = 1-random bit per 1 clock cycle
  • Compliant with:
  • NIST (SP 800-90B)
  • AIS-31 (tunable from PTG.1 up to PTG.3 classes)
  • Embedded health tests for failure / attack detection
  • Embedded strong post-processing for further attack mitigation
  • Designed with AES
  • Compliant with:
  • NIST (SP 800-90A)
  • CAVP validated

Key Features

  • Fully digital:
  • Lower area
  • Easy implementation
  • Easy transferable to any Design Kit
  • High security and safety
  • Resilient to coupling with internal periodic signal (metastability only)
  • Resilient to external harmonic injection (metastability only)
  • Robust against process, temperature and voltage variations
  • Post-silicon fine tuning to ensure high-level functional safety


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