Secure-IC is able to supply embedded integrated Secure Elements that can act as trust anchors that protect the security setup of a company.  A hardware security module is a IP block which can be embedded into every device to answer security functionalities such as root-of-trust and key management.

Secure-IC Securyzr provides the core security services required to build a security architecture for a wide variety of devices : mobile, connected object, payment device, smart card, ECU, Set-Top-Box, and HSM.




Key features

  • Customizable API
  • Proven Security & Certification ready (market specific and security certified)
  • Full digital solution

Personalised market solutions


Security functions

  • End-to-end, best of breed solutions
  • Root-of-trust: Secure Boot and Secure Secret Storage (unique ID, secret key)
  • Security Monitoring: Secure Debug, Lifecycle Management
  • Strong tamper resistance: fault injection and perturbation attacks resilience
  • Data protection ensured

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