On October 20th, 2016, many of the most commonly visited websites in the world, such as Facebook, Twitter, … were unreachable for several hours. Had the targeted infrastructures been different (airports ? public transportation networks ? financial institutions ?), devastating consequences would have been to deplore. This breach was made possible by hacking simultaneously 10 millions of poorly protected connected devices.
Thus, with the coming advent of connected objects, cars, cities, etc …, the need for security technologies efficient and easy to deploy is about to rise dramatically.

The aim of Secure-IC Securyzr is to address all the state-of-the-art threats with a single product. Condensing our advanced technologies, this multi-usage easy-to-integrate solution is the Future of Security.

Secure-IC Securyzr provides the core security services required to build a security architecture for a wide variety of devices : mobile, connected object, payment device, smart card, ECU, Set-Top-Box, HSM, etc.

Key features

  • Customizable API
  • Fully digital tamper detection
  • Possibility to use external CPU
  • Certification ready

Wide range of configurations to adress each market constraints

  • Lightweight and low-power for IoT, Mobile
  • High-bandwith for Automotive
  • Content protection technologies included (API and accelerators) for Media & Entertainment
  • Highest security for Banking, Identity, Trusted Computing

Security functions

  • Root-of-trust: Secure Boot and Secure Secret Storage (unique ID, secret key)
  • Security Monitoring: Secure Debug, Lifecycle Management API
  • Hardware acceleration for high performance cryptographic computation
  • Software libraries for public-key signatures, symmetric cipher suites, and hash engines
  • Strong tamper resistance: fault injection and perturbation attacks resilience

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