17:00, the monthly Cybersecurity Speaker Series – 31 March

Protecting against cyber risks is the domain of Cybersecurity. The Cyber CNI Speaker series wants to raise awareness and understanding of cybersecurity topics. It wants to enable a continuous dialog between experts from industry and academia and the general public, including individuals, families, companies from small to large sizes, and public bodies – in short everyone, since cybersecurity is relevant for each of us.

The Cyber CNI speaker series is a free monthly event co-organized by the Cyber CNI Chair, the Pôle Excellence Cyber and the Brittany Region which consists of an expert talk of about 40 minutes followed by a discussion. The events happen in the Grand Amphitheatre at IMT Atlantique in Rennes (Cesson-Sévigné) AND are broadcasted live over Youtube (, enabling global remote participation and including a tool for participating in the discussion.

At 17.00 (CET), Sylvain Guilley co-founder and CTO of Secure-IC will explain how current security breaches, such as data leaks, sabotage and even large-scale ransom attacks, can be addressed through a “trusted data management” approach.

He will illustrate why in detailing the topics below:

  • End-to-end security for IoTs, from chip to cloud via edge
  • DevSecOps (Development – Security – Operations) tool chain, security left shift and pre-silicon certification
  • Lifecycle management, example of transitioning to Post-Quantum Cryptography
  • Security improvements with Artificial Intelligence on chip
  • Trends in different markets: industry 4.0, automotive, marine, government.

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