Securyzr Light – The solution to fit with the design-for-security methodology

Webinar held on Apr. 27, 2021

The design-for-security methodology is a mainstream development approach to ensure the security of embedded systems (both hardware and software parts).

This approach is a progressive path from the security needs definition to product certification. The design-for-security methodology follows several important steps: defining the assets and associated security attributes, defining the possible threats and associated countermeasures, designing the solution, verifying its security, and finally reaching the targeted certification.

SecuryzrTM Light solution, developed by Secure-IC, as a possible countermeasure will mitigate a large number of threats, especially those that are common to several markets, such as malware injection impersonation, software tampering, as well as other threats to which the device is vulnerable during its life cycle.

This webinar will help you understand:

  • What is the design-for-security methodology?
  • What are the main threats to be considered in every system?
  • What is SecuryzrTM Light solution and how it can protect your system against these main threats?
  • How to upgrade SecuryzrTM Light solution to cover the residual defined threats?


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