Autonomous cars are the future of automotive. Today, connected cars have already tremendously changed our ways of driving and usages of cars. After years of improvements of cars’ safety, the time has come for a rise in cars’ connectivity to bring additional safety, comfort and ergonomy in the vehicles. Communication networks of different kinds are under deployment, for communication between one vehicle’s modules, between vehicles  (V2V, Vehicle-to-Vehicle) and from one vehicle to a central server  (V2I, Vehicle-to-Infrastructure).  They require the use ECUs (Electronic Control Units) with different constraints in resources and security. But for each of them, a security breach can end up in an industrial failure.

To avoid those, Secure-IC provides its partners with its expertise and knowledge of the current initiatives defining a framework for automotive security on a large scale (e.g. (EVITA, PRESERVE projects), and provides the appropriate security technologies.

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Key features

  • Aligned with V2X (Vehicle to everything)
  • Compatible for ECU (Electronic control units)


  • Evita
  • ISO26262